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About Us

The business of peeled Garlics and peeled Onions started long ago in 1980's where Mr Yeo's father, Leng Huat, started the small business in a shop along New Bridge Road. He saw the growing demand for peeled Garlics and shallots, as most food factory could not cope with process of peeling garlics and shallots.

In the early 90's, Government wanted to consolidate all the Vegetable , Fruits and Dry Provisions Wholesale and 1 location, and we were asked moved our business to the current Wholesale Centre. The business grew further into imports of Onions, and Garlic from India and China.

In 2009, Leng Huat fell ill and requested his only son the take over the business, as he still sees the future is good for this kind of business.

The younger YEO took over the Business in Aug 2009, and lead the business further to include Potato imports, White Onions imports as well as small Onions [shallots] import. He also setup a new Food-production centre in Johor Malaysia to process peeled Garlic and Onions, as well as Vacuum-packed peeled Shallots.